7 Effective Yoga Asanas That Help You to Deal with Joint Pains

In today’s modern lifestyle knee and joint pain has become a very common condition.

Mostly this problem seen in elders and sometimes it may cause serious health issue. You feel swollen joints and stiffness and it can impact on your movement and comprise your routine work and lifestyle.

Today we will see three yoga exercise to get rid of joint pain.

Vriksasana (Tree Pose):

These are a balancing asana and it is part of hatha yoga. Tree pose will develop the balancing, flexibility and give strength to your leg muscles, boost recovery of any joint or knee injury, if you implement this asana in your daily routine then it will improvise your knee and joint health.

How to do it:
• Stand straight and bring hands above your head in “namaste” position.
• Place right foot on your left inner thigh above the knee joint.
• Draw shoulder blades each other for an open chest.
• Activate your stomach core muscles and try not to go back.
• Gaze eye level and maintain balance.
• Make sure your spine is in an erect position.
• Take deep breaths and relax your body while exhaling.


This yoga is helpful in joint pain and arthritis, increase blood flow to the lower body, increase concentration power.

How to do it:
• Sit with bend knees and folded backward with the toe facing on the ground.
• Place/rest your palms on the floor with straight hands
• Bring your hand ahead of the knees on the ground
• Face your head upwards in the sky
• Push chest outside
• Hold this position with normal breathing for a while and relax your body.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):

While performing this asana will stretch your leg muscles, knee joints and make them stronger. This will provide strength to your lower body muscles & spine, burn the belly fat and help you to get rid of the knee and joint problems and stimulates the recovery of your joint health.

How to do it:
• Lie on the floor facing stomach downwards and place palms to shoulder side
• Raise your neck to the sky and straighten the elbows
• The arms should not be straight
• Hold this position for a while and slowly release the position by bringing the hands, navel, chest, shoulders, and forehead to the floor

By including these asanas into your daily routine with the help you to cure knee and joint problems and gives strength to your lower body and improve overall health.

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