2 Effective Yoga Poses to Bulk up Your Body

Yoga has solution to the all health problems. In today’s generation most of the crowd is mad about weight loss but there others also who are suffering from underweight. Excessive thin or skinny guy is a sign of bad health. Main factors behind the underweight are lower metabolism rate, unstable stomach and poor digestive system.

Here are some yoga asnas that will help you to gain muscle mass, improve metabolism and regulate the appetite.

Cobra pose:

This asana give strength to your appetite and spinal cord. When you have a good appetite then it boost digestive system and boost metabolism rate. Ultimately it will help your body to function properly by digesting all the meal and tones muscles.

How to do it:

Cobra pose
Cobra pose

Note* Avoid doing this pose if you are suffering from back injury.

  • Sleep on mat and Turn your body downwards.
  • Put your palms lower than shoulders
  • Bring your shoulder back by slightly pulling upwards from belly
  • Get into cobra pose by using back and your belly muscles
  • Hold this position for 5 deep inhaling and exhaling breathing
  • Push your upper body gently upwards while each exhale
  • Return to your normal position and relax

Wind releasing pose:

This asana helps in relieving all stomach problems, stretch back and neck muscles, increase the blood circulation in all internal organs. Cleans intestine and helps in absorbing all the nutrients from the body.

How to do it:

Wind releasing pose
  • Lie down on a mat
  • Raise your legs 90 degree angel
  • Bend your legs from knees towards your chest
  • Rest thighs on your abdomen
  • Touch your ankles on hips
  • Grip your knees tight with your hands
  • Touch chin to your knees by slightly bending your neck
  • Hold these positing for 30 seconds with normal breathing

Along with this asanas keep your body hydrated and inherit your essential requirements of vitamins and minerals. Increase intake of dairy products and add some fresh vegetable salad into your routine meal to strengthen your digestive system. Avoid meals and food items which contains more amount of fat.

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