To keep your body looking younger at the age of 60 do this Anti-gravity yoga exercises at Home. Studies show that doing a yoga every day is one the best way to slower the clock of aging. Yoga is not just for the increasing strength of muscles, but regular yoga can help you to stay younger because the regular practice may help your body to increase the hormone level which can slower the aging and rejuvenate the body.
While getting older we lose the lean muscle mass, but adding yoga to our routine day can help you to slower the process of loss, so at the age of 60 you can look 10 to 15 years younger. Yoga helps you to tone the muscle and this toned muscles will help you to look younger and your skin will be less saggy by the time goes.

This 5 exercise help you to stay fit, younger & improves collagen strength by increasing the hormone level:

1) Side Crow:
This exercise helps you to strengthen core muscles, wrist and shoulder.

• Gives your wrist mobility and strength
• Increase your hand balancing skills
• improves body awareness

2) Goddess Squat:
This exercise focus on your lower body and strengthen glutes, hips, thighs, calves, and ankles.

• Energize the body
• Improves your focus and concentration
• Highly beneficial for pregnant women

3) Chair pose:
This exercise targets chest, shoulder and leg muscles. Energize the heart, diaphragm and abdominal.

• Improves the balance of lower body
• Minimize the symptoms of flat feet
• Gives excellent strength to your leg muscle

4) Incline Plank:
This exercise fully concentrate on your core muscles. Your body feels more flexibility than ever before.

• Strengthen core muscles
• Cut the bellyfat
• Improves physical as well as mental strength
• Improves heart rate and gives better sleep

5) Fish Pose:
This exercise improves the strength of your front body including chest, throat, abdomen and the muscles between ribs.

• Reduce the stress of your neck and shoulder
• Improves elasticity of belly and throat muscles
• Strengthen your upper back and your neck

Add this exercises in your daily routine and improve your health, slower the aging, strengthen the muscles and feel relaxed & flexible.

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