The Complete Yoga Beginner’s Guide for Yoga Asanas

Yoga for Beginners – If you’re doing yoga for the first time? Start your yoga day with these 5 super and fundamental yoga asanas. Yoga is always helping you to make strong mental and physical wellness.

The excellence of yoga is that you don’t need to be a yogi or yogini to receive the rewards. Regardless of whether you are youthful or old, overweight, or fit, yoga has the ability to quiet the mind and reinforce the body. Try not to be scared by yoga phrasing, extravagant yoga studios, and confounded stances. Yoga is for everybody and makes strong you in every age. So, it is not fixing that some limited no of age people is only needed to do yoga asana.

Below are the few basic 5 Yoga asanas that can help you get started in the first stage.


Vrikshasana gives you a feeling of establishing. It improves your equilibrium and fortifies your legs and back. It repeats the consistent position of a tree. Spot your correct foot high up to your left side thigh. The underside of the foot ought to be level and set immovably.

Vrikshasana Yoga Asanas

Keep your left leg straight and discover your equilibrium. While breathing in, raise your arms over your head and unite your palms. Guarantee that your spine is straight and take a couple of full breaths. Gradually breathe out, cut your hands down and discharge your correct leg. Back in the standing position rehash the equivalent with the other leg.


It extends the legs and middle, assembles the hips, and advances profound breathing, leaving one with breathing life into impacts. Remain with your feet wide separated. Stretch your correct foot out (90 degrees) while keeping the leg closer to the middle.

Trikonasana Yoga Asanas

Keep your feet squeezed against the ground and equilibrium your weight similarly on the two feet. Breathe in and as you breathe out curve your correct arm and make it contact the ground while your left arm goes up. Keep your abdomen straight. Guarantee that your body is twisted sideways and not forward or in reverse. Stretch as much as possible while taking long, full breaths. Rehash on the opposite side.


Tadasana posture trains one to remain with glorious consistent quality like a mountain. The word ‘Tada’ signifies a mountain, that is the place where the name comes from. It includes significant gatherings of muscles and improves center and focus. It is the beginning situation for the wide range of various asanas.

Remain with your heels somewhat separated and hang your arms other than the middle. Tenderly lift and spread your toes and the bundles of your feet, at that point lay them delicately down on the floor. Equilibrium your body weight on your feet. Lift your lower legs and firm your thigh muscles while turning them inwards. As you breathe in, prolong your middle and when you breathe out delivery your shoulder bones from your head. Widen your collarbone and prolong your neck. Your ears, shoulders, hips and lower legs should all be in one line. You can check your arrangement by remaining against the divider at first. You can even lift your hands and stretch them. Inhale simple.

Adho Mukho Svanasana

Adho Mukho Svanasana’s posture extends hamstrings, chest and stretches the spine, giving extra blood stream to the head. It is will leave you feeling invigorated. Sit behind you, stretch your arms forward on the tangle, and lower your head. Structure a table, such as pushing your hands, fortifying your legs, and gradually raising your hips. Press your heels down, let your head hand unreservedly, and fix your midsection.

Adho Mukho Svanasana Yoga Asanas
Adho Mukho Svanasana


A strongly ground-breaking represent, this one reinforces the muscles of the legs and arms. It manufactures your resolution and energizingly affects the body and psyche. Stand straight with your feet marginally separated.

Kursiasana Yoga Asanas

Stretch your arms yet don’t twist your elbow. Breathe in and twist your knees, pushing your pelvis down like you are perched on a seat. Keep your hands corresponding to the ground and back straight. Take full breaths. Curve steadily however ensure your knees don’t go past your toes.

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