Two Yoga Exercises help you to Get fit, healthy and strong at the age of 60

When the age grows our body gets weak and to avoid such life threatening situations of body functions and to live healthier we should include yoga in our daily routine.

Yoga helps to protect our body from physical and mental such as diabetes, heart health, joint pain, anxiety, depression, weak memory etc.

For old age people should perform asana with precautions or under guidance of yoga expert to avoid any physical injury. Here I will teach you yoga poses best suited for over the age of 60. 

Tadasana (Mountain pose)


This asana is great for the senior beginners, by performing these yoga regularly will improve your body posture and help you to get rid of pain or issues related to your back muscles.

How to do it

  • Stand up and straight like mountain
  • Your feet would be together especially your toes and heels are slightly apart
  • Stand straight from your shins to your knees and soften your knees slightly
  • Pull stomach in and chest should be up
  • Relaxed your shoulder blades and pull down your hands
  • Your palms should be facing forward
  • Soften your eyes and now imagine one straight line going through your body from legs to the base of your head
  • Stand straight and move little bit forward and backward while standing and try to gain balance in your body
  • Do this for 3 to 5 minute and return to your normal pose

Vrikshasana (Tree pose)


These asana used to increase stamina, balance and to increase strength in your legs person who suffering from joint pain will get relief from this yoga. If you are suffering from serious leg pain condition then first consult with your doctor before performing this asana.

How to do it

  • Stand straight with erect spine and place your feet together
  • Devide body weight equally on your both feet
  • Make “Namaste” by your heart
  • Bend right knee close to your stomach and slowly place heel on your left inner thigh
  • Your focus should be one line with your eyes
  • Expand your chest while Inhale and exhale
  • Take your hand stretched above your head with straight head
  • Do this for 30 to 60 seconds and return to standing pose and repeat this for your left leg

Consult your physician before you start practicing these yoga to avoid any serious health issues.

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