What Is Yoga?

We might be one of the millions who has taken a yoga class, then perhaps even overcome the peacock or maybe the moving down dog pose you might do yoga for physical benefits or for rest mind, but yoga has a lot more to offer for deeper consciousness and higher awareness.

So, what is yoga? Yoga means to experience the breath mind or divine by balancing our mind. Hinduism acknowledges that there are many paths to angelic and so there are many types of yoga, Besides hatha yoga, there are four primary yoga’s Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Raja Yoga.

Bhakti Yoga:
The yoga of faithfulness you can experience the holiness through devotion expressed through singing, dancing and listening to praises of the divine. Bhagavata Geeta educates nine primary forms of bhakti, as explained by Prahlada: 1. Listening to god’s praise 2. Singing 3. Chanting 4. Rendering Service 5.Worshiping a murthi 6. Paying homage 7.Servitude 8. Friendship and 9. Complete surrender of the self to the divine.

Karma Yoga:
Karma Yoga is purifying the mind by means of work. According to karma yoga, you can experience divinity through selfless service. This is done by acknowledging. Karma generally involves three key components which are 1. Be honest with your dharma 2. React with pure and noble intention and 3.We can’t take it with us.

Jnana (Gyan)Yoga:
According to Jnana yoga the yoga of awareness, You can experience the godly by meditating on scriptural educates to realize truth from untruth through Vivica by feeling innermost knowledge, strength, and awareness you can recognize between the eternal and temporal.

Raja Yoga:
Raja yoga helps to purify the body through hatha yoga and pranayama. For Raja yoga, you need to cultivate your mind before you start the practice of meditation. When the mind has been fixed into internal or external locations, there comes the power of flowing in uninterrupted current, as it were, near to that point. This state called meditation (Dhyana).

Yoga at a higher level can be anything that leads you to divinity. The four yoga’s are not mutually exclusive of each other, a true yogi combines the different approaches to suit his needs to realize the divine. Make yoga yours and discover the divinity in you!

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