3 Yoga Poses That Help to Cleanse & Detox Your Body

Get rid of unwanted chemicals & toxins from your body which is come by junk food, fast food & processed foods. Yoga can help you to detoxify your body, try these asanas and see the benefits for your body.

Detox your body with these 3 asanas:

In addition, yoga will not only detoxify your body but it will detox your mind as well, keep your mind calm & release the unwanted emotions and tensions to improve mental health.

1) Revolved Chair Pose:

Revolved Chair Pose

Stand straight and bring your feet together. Curve your knees like you are sitting on the chair. Bring your hands in the middle part of the chest (heart center) and press your palms together. Twist your body to the right side, take outside the elbow onto the right thigh. Do the same on left thigh alternatively, do these for a while and relax the body.


  • Improve body posture by toning your spine & vertebrae
  • Improve liver & spleen
  • Improve Immune system
  • Giving gentle pressure on the kidney will fasten the elimination process of toxins

2) Wide-legged Forward Bend:

Wide legged Forward Bend

Widen your leg and bend forward from your waist and slightly bend your knees. Drop your head to below your heart. Hold this pose for a while and get back to your normal position and relax.


  • Stimulate the blood flow towards your overall body and head
  • This pose will squeeze the abdominal and improve digestion
  • Toning abdominal wall will stimulate the detoxification process

3) Eagle Pose:

Eagle Pose

Stand on your feet straight aligned with straight arms, which will look like mountain pose. Bring your left foot upside and bend the knees when you lift upward. Stick the left fool on your right leg calves by resting left thigh on your right thigh. Cross both arms from elbow from left to right hand. Unite your palms and keep your fingers straight. Hold this posture and keep breathing in and out system & relax your body after a while.


  • Strengthen the ankles and calves
  • Stretch your hamstrings, shoulder blades and back muscles
  • Extend the blood circulation in legs and it will help your
    body to remove toxins

Do these Yoga asanas on a regular basis and it will flush out the bad chemicals and toxins from your system give the purest form of your body in a week.

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